Northern Aboriginal Women Empowering Northern Nations

The Aboriginal Business and Community Development Centre is currently working on a project that is aimed to increase the involvement of Aboriginal Women in economic development in Northern BC. This project focuses on the experiences of northern Aboriginal First Nations to develop an understanding of trends and characteristics economic development to mitigate potential challenges and increase opportunities for northern Aboriginal women’s participation in economic development. The ABDC has secured funding through the Status of Women which has allowed us to hire a Research Facilitator who will develop and implement this project.

We have hired Marion Erickson to be our Research Facilitator. Marion is a Dakelh woman from Nak’azdli, she is the daughter of Susan Erickson and Lawrence Paul Yuxwelupton. Marion is a graduate of the Public Administration and Community Development program at the University of Northern BC and has completed the Applied Business Technology program at the College of New Caledonia. Marion is an Indigenous Feminist who has many years of experience advocating for Indigenous women's issues in Northern BC, she formerly worked on the Highway of Tears Campeign with the Northern Women's Centre and was the Women's representative for CNC Students Union. Marion has worked as a researcher specializing in research with Aboriginal peoples; she has worked as a researcher with various organizations such as UNBC, the Upper Fraser Fisheries Conservation Alliance, Nak'azdli Whut'en, and various consulting companies. ABDC is excited to have Marion Erickson researching and developing this project.

This project requires the participation of First Nations Bands, economic development offices, and Aboriginal community groups, and entrepreneurial women in Northern BC. By studying the trends and characteristics of northern economic development corporations as well as their challenges and opportunities we will be able to better understand how to increase capacity and involvement of northern Aboriginal women in economic development in the north through a Workshop Series and Best Practices Manual. We are seeking to shift the economic development practices currently employed by First Nations communities in northern BC to be more aligned with a Best Practices Manual so that Indigenous women who aspire to participate in the economy can be supported by their environment.

Please contact Marion Erickson if you would like your organization to participate in this project. By participating in the research and development we will be able to provide your organization with a copy of the Best Practices Manual. We also currently have the mandate to provide a workshop series in your northern BC community.

For more information, please contact: 

Marion Erickson, BA:PACD, Research Facilitator


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