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IWE Program

Indigenous women are valuable investments.

Indigenous women are, and always have been, at the very heart of our communities. Entrepreneurship represents a promising pathway for Indigenous women to enrich their lives, strengthen their families and participate in the development of their communities.

In 2022, the Indigenous Women’s Entrepreneurship (IWE) Program launched across 32 IFIs in Canada. Through the program, Indigenous women have access to dedicated Business Support Officers, routine workshops and training, and micro-loans to help kick-start and grow their businesses.

Developed in partnership with Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), the program seeks to reduce barriers that Indigenous women face when starting or growing their businesses and ensure that they have access to the training, resources, and capital they need to prosper and thrive.

Indigenous woman in business
197 Mueller 2021.jpg

Meet Laura Mueller

Matriarch Media &
National IWE Role Model from Pince George!

Matriarch Media embodies a deep belief in the enduring strength of cultural heritage. We envision a world where Indigenous traditions thrive seamlessly in the fast-paced digital era, coexisting with ancestral wisdom and business acumen. Our mission is to empower Indigenous communities through an integrative business and marketing approach, fostering not just survival but flourishing in the modern world.


Behind Matriarch Media's success lies a journey shaped by the invaluable support of the Aboriginal Business Development Centre (ABDC) and the Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs (IWE) Mentorship Program. The ABDC provided a solid foundation, offering guidance, resources, and a supportive network to navigate entrepreneurship complexities. This, coupled with mentorship and business development services, created a conducive environment for our founder's business growth.

Visit Matriarch Media HERE.

The Indigenous Women’s Entrepreneurship (IWE) Program is presented on behalf of the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association (NACCA). To learn more about IWE, click HERE.

The Aboriginal Business Development Centre is proud to give the IWE Program a home in Prince George and hosts several workshops and mentorship opportunities throughout the year. To find out more, contact Ash at or call 250.562.6325.

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